Monday, April 12, 2010

Mexican cookouts ROCK!!!

yea so i havent been blogging much.well not mega blogging.just micro blogging *twitter* .lol.but yea yesterday i went to a cookout that @dustincavazos invited me to. he and all his Selador friends were there.and we ate and played and had great times. u should check out Dustin's Blog he's pretty kool and videos ALL the be on the lookout and be ready to say something to the camera. here are my vids from the day.i only took going and one between i was eating.then on the way back i stopped to checkout where JFK was shot.cause i've never really seen it except for in in Eryka Badu's video

the spot where JFK die and where Eryka Badu got naked

Sunday, February 7, 2010

now that was a really classy fit

okay yall this blog is just to take up space.but i told this person that i would mention them in my i want to make sure i did it before i forgot.

for the first time since i've been back in Dallas.i went to see my great homie. Dj Select. he's really the dopest DJ that i kno personally in Dallas.and he killed last night.even tho i had a couple of drinks.i knew that he was killin it

but this is  the point that i wanted to make there was this girl that was there (sharp to the T) she was very simply and many girls that were there attempted to try to be simple and sexy like she was and

so i just wanted to do a quick post about her fit.simple sharp n sexy. i told her that i would blog about her. and to google me because i had one too many drinks to tell her the full blog

any way.i hope she does.and finds this.i'm sure it would make her smile. and heck who knows.maybe i could take her out to lunch some day.

well....anywho.i'm going to church now.ive finally got a sunday off.holla at you lovely readers another day..


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hump day mix

okay so i'm working on some new mixes. here's the first of many.just trying to get myself back into the groove of

let me know what you think

<a href="">010310 Hump Day Mix by thecomicbookkid</a>

Monday, January 18, 2010

Canton Jones plays Vincent Price???

okay okay okay.u'll have to wait till the end of the video to see it.but it i must say it was a great attention getter.dont you think???

well even if you dont.this video is the bomb and i think its a great way to bring back my blog.(trying to stay consistent with it in twenty 10) but thanks to that great guy Milliyon i was able to preview CAJO's new music video and share it with my favorite readers (you all really are my favorite ppl..well right after my but enjoy My Year by Canton Jones featuring Ramona, Erica Combo, and Milliyon

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

happy birthday fallen souldier

okay so today is my friend , Herbert's birthday.he actually passed away i think 2 years ago now.but for some reason facebook wouldnt let me write this on his i figured that i'd dedicate this blog to him

this is what i wanted to write:

dag dude.i cant realise that it has been so long.i'm so sad that i cant celebrate this birthday with you.i kno that we'd be somewhere together eating.and eating and eating.just sucks that things had to happen the way they did.but i kno that it was all in God's plan.because everything that we go through is in his plan after all right? well man i kno that this isnt really getting anywhere but i just thought that i'd pay respects and drop you a birthday message.i'm not a really big facebok birthday dude.but i guess i cant really txt or call just thinking about this brings me back to the day that i was sitting next to you helping you get your last wishes together 'just incase' but who would have known that that would be the last night that you could so wish we could have you back.but like i was all in God's plan.hope the after life is as great as people make it up to be.cant wait till the father brings u up with the whole rapture stuff.then we'll all be together.lets just pray that i can keep my life together so that one day we'll be together to you later dude.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a great place called Selahdor

okay so i got this text the other was from my (soon to be great) friend, Dustin was super early in the morning (well early for me.for anyone that know's how i get down in the morning i'm usually too hyped about talking or txtn in the morning.but this is how the convo went

dustin cavazos: Yo. Are you coming to the show tonight? 6:29 AM
Me: Where is it @? 6:30 AM
dustin cavazos: At my studio 6:31 AM
Me: Kool.shoot me the address n time.I'll come thru 6:32 AM
dustin cavazos: 3403 shelly blvd. Dallas tx 75211 its free! Its starts at eight. Ummm. Its sometimes spelled shelley 6:34 AM
Me: Like n 2 hrs???.lol.jk.I'll b there 6:35 AM
dustin cavazos: Haha. Yeah. Tonight. Yo. You're gonna love it 6:38 AM
Me: I would really love it if there was free there like a flyer on ur myspace or anything? 6:39 AM
dustin cavazos: Yeah go to my blog. On myspace. If its not on the last one. Check the one before 6:40 AM
Me: Kool 6:41 AM

okay so as you see that was at like 6 in the morning.dont ask me why i even responded to that txt.but good thing that i did because 14 hrs later i was having a great time. i was introduced to this place called Selahdor and i must say that it was one of the best places that i'd ever been this was a show that Dustin put on at his studio featuring several artist that he works with.i was overal pleased with the line up with performances from JC Money, jonny mack, Gallery Cat, Ty City, and a new group that will BLOW your mind away, SCUBA TEAM GO!.the greatest thing since sliced bread. the night was wrapped up with a performance from Dustin and his band.he aslo played the melodica.i was shocked because i didnt kno that he played an

i mean this night was great.if you have never taken a trip out to Selahdor.u need to.and make your way over to Shelley Blvd.cause they are pumpin out hits over there.

here are some pics that i catured from my phone. (i'm looking to buy a new camera if you're selling)